Jaclyn Nelson

Managing Broker, Wesley Chapel


(352) 279-4264


Originally hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Jaclyn Nelson made Florida her home in early 2000. Coming from a long line of real estate investors, she has always had an eye for potential when it comes to real estate and a passion for the process of buying and selling properties. 

When Jaclyn first moved to Florida she worked in new home construction, which only underscored her love for homes. She earned her real estate license during a time when the market was at an all-time-low in the economic crash. 

Always one for turning lemons into lemonade, Jaclyn quickly began to develop creative ways to sell houses; using her home construction knowledge to sell investment properties. While this process lead to greater success than she could have imagined, it only fueled her desire to want to help clients and problem solve on a larger scale. 

After multiple years of being an agent and climbing the ranks, Jaclyn earned her brokers license in 2016. Being a broker melds together all of her passions from home selling and buying to client relations and employee training. Being extremely outgoing and detail-oriented, Jaclyn puts a strong emphasis on agent training and supplying agents with the skills and knowledge they need to bring their clients real estate goals to fruition. 

For Jaclyn, it is important that her agents know how to think outside of the box and strategize in ways that will benefit their clients every time. Knowing first hand the silver lining in creativity when sales or the market get tough, Jaclyn strives to train her agents in processes of adaptability. She is passionate about the process of home buying and will not rest until her agents thoroughly understand and comprehend the process of contracts and legalities that go into this monumental and exciting job. 

Jaclyn becomes emotionally invested in those she trains and works with and wants them to know that her success is only represented through theirs. Buying a home is one of the largest purchases in a clients’ life and Jaclyn takes whole responsibility for easing their stress and making the transition and process as smooth as possible. Treating every home sale like it’s her own, she strives to not only achieve but exceed clients goals; helping her agents to realize the same mentality in their work. 

Jacyln loves music and is a huge history buff. She is always reading and inspiring to learn something new. Her hope is that her fruitful career as a broker will leave those she has worked with feeling like she has surpassed their expectations and brought their home buying and selling dreams to fruition.